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Dental & Maxillofacial Surgery


MD 30

The MD30 is a dual motor system designed for Implantology with an integrated pump system which is used for cooling the instrument to avoid tissue damage. 


The MD30 comes with a multi-functional, hands-free foot pedal to control the motor selection, pump performance, program selection as well as the speed of the motor making it a easy to use, user friendly setup.

Contra Angle Handpieces

There are 4 different contra-angles, all with quick lock and push button locking systems, as well as a internal and external cooling systems to cool down the internal mandible area while drilling in order to reduce heat damage. The external irrigation is used to cool the outer area of the drill.

5051_1 to 1_ContraAngle_PushButton

Surgery Contra Angle 1:1

5053-Mini_Winkelstück 20to1_quer2

Contra Angle 20:1


Contra Angle 16:1


Contra Angle 32:1

Short straight (44mm burrs)

Long straight (70mm burrs)

Long angled (70mm burrs)

Kirschner Handpiece (K-wire)

The Kirschner handpiece was developed for difficult-to-access regions.  The small head ensures maximum room for manoeuvre.

Micro Saws

The robust micro saws which are characterised by a notably well cutting performance are mainly used in Osteotomy for bone treatment, bone removal & harvesting of osseous matter

Micro Oscillating Saw

Micro Sagittal Saw

Micro Compass Saw

All the saws support a large assortment of sae blades which will support almost all intended purposes.

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