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STERIS – New Surgical Instruments:

Phoenix Surgical SA (Pty) Ltd is proud to pronounce that we will be the agent for Steris IMS Surgical Instruments in South Africa. Steris instruments management services are leading industry experts in the management of surgical instruments and devices. Steris IMS complies to ISO 13485 as well as the legislation requirements and accordance with the European Medical device directive.

Every surgical instrument is subjected to a 10 point quality check. This ensures that all instruments comply to the highest standards in terms of reliability and materials.

The 10 point check consists of the following:

  • Insulation:
    All diathermy instruments are tested for integrity of diathermy insulation.

  • Tungsten carbide inserts:
    All tungsten carbide inserts are inspected under the microscope where they ensure that all soldering is completed without any fractures or blow holes.

  • Accuracy:
    They ensure all moving parts fit easily together, that the jaws are square and parallel. Additionally all serrations must mesh accurately.

  • Workmanship:
    They thoroughly control the workmanship of the instruments, and they ensure all screw joints and rivets are immovable, that there are no movement or crevices in joints.

  • Reliability:
    In accordance with BS 5194 and ISO 13402 they carry out corrosion resistance testing. This insures that the instruments are resistant to corrosion during re-processing.

  • Material Composition:
    They complete a hardness test using the Rockwell hardest test method. This test confirms the instruments are the correct hardness for their intended purpose as specified within BS 5194.

  • A Perfect finish:
    They ensure the surface finish conforms to the specific requirements of each instrument and conforms to BS 5194.

  • Consistency in processes:
    The size and shape of any finished instruments are checked against the original drawing or master sample to ensure their processes remain constant.

  • Attention to detail:
    They ensure that the surface condition of the instruments are free from pores, crevices and grinding marks.

  • Under the microscope:
    They use a microscope to inspect the jaws of all the instruments, magnification allows them to identify even the most minor imperfections.

Steris IMS Surgical instruments carry a lifetime warranty on manufacturing problems.

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